"You only gonna get it when you put in the work"

Music has always been integral in Franks' life. Both his mother and father kept him inundated with old soul, jazz and blues records. Franks started writing rhymes and poetry at age twelve. At sixteen, Franks and four friends formed a rap group called C.S.O.M (City State of Mind) and recorded four unreleased mixtapes. Eventually the group disbanded and Franks got involved in street life. During his music hiatus he ended up in prison and didn’t return to music until his release in 2011. When he did return, he was wiser, focused, and more mature. Franks made the decision to never waste his talents, and he names his mother as his biggest inspiration.

“Before I was born the doctor told my mother I was going to be deformed and mentally challenged, and I came out neither,” Franks says. “She had the highest hopes for me since birth, and told me to use my gift to pursue the path of success.”

On his new path Franks released his first EP, Words N' Pictures, and the music video "Pressure" in early 2013. Franks is a self-proclaimed “Realist Artist.” He is often praised for his real and raw lyrics that usually contain a poignant message, an act of therapy for both he and the listener. His first mixtape, Self-Portrait, which was released in December 2013, gained good reviews from LyricallyFt.com. After performing at his first Lyrically Fit venue on March 6th, he did an online video on their website, where they featured his music video for his song, “Peace.” He’s also had radio play and done interviews on the IIourshow, an underground independent radio show based in Philadelphia, PA, which supports underground and up and coming artists.

Franks has also performed at other local and popular venues such as Le Grande Fromage in Atlantic City, New Jersey, The Deck in Essington, PA, The Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA , The Rusty Nail in Ardmore, PA, Legedary Dobbs in Philly, PA Club Elegante' in Camden, NJ, Voltage Lounge in Phila, PA, The Nuyorican Cafe in NY,NY, Club 1800 in Phila, PA , Quality Inn in Stroudsburg, PA. And a number of other venues in the Delaware Valley Area. At these venues he has opened up for well-known Hip Hop artists such as Styles P., The Detroit based group Slum Village, California underground legend Planet Asia, Up and Coming Hip Hop New York Artist Chris Rivers , The legendary Cuban Linx, Ras Kass, AZ, Mobb Deep, Black Moon, Kool G Rap, Rah Digga brand new up and coming Def Jam artist Dave East.

Franks was nominated and performed live at The Camden Underground Music Awards in the "The Heat Up Artist" category on December 30th 2015. Even though Franks did not win the award he left with new inspiration.

Franks released his mixtape FOFTB, hosted by DJ Soulbuck, in August 2014. In October 2015 he released his new EP Morals Over Money, produced entirely by the Camden, NJ based production group, Trac-Qaeda. The album has features from up and coming artists like Rich Quick, fellow label mate Drama Sinatra, and Michael Millions.  Since the release of "Morals Over Money" there has been quite the buzz in the Tri-State Area about the EP, causing a rapid movement and lifestyle in Hip Hop.  Because of that Franks created his Morals Over Money clothing and apparel line, sold everywhere! In November 2018 Franks released a project dedicated in memory of the lyrical rap legend "Big L" called "The Bigger Picture." This project was a cover of of the late and great rappers album The Big Picture". The reason why SF named it "Bigger" was not to say that his project was better, but saying that he wanted to showcase his skill level that he could be on the level of the legend or close at the same time adding his own twist to the project.  He had many hits from the project including his own version of " Ebonics" , story telling classics like "Casualties Of A Dice Game" and "Deadly Combination" featuring Rochester, New York Lyricist "Eto".

2 years later January 2020 S.F. came back again with an amazing well rounded project in "Lundy Ave". This album takes you down a journey of Franks' childhood and his past all the way up into the present. He describes as his "Illmatic" meaning his real first introduction to the world of who he truly is. From descriptive records like "One Day", "Hoop Dreams" , "Crimeside" and "Party Over The Weekend" which describes what it was like going to house parties and hall parties on the weekend "around the way."  

Ultimately, Stevie Franks plans to utilize his strong work ethic, honest disposition, God-given skills and multi-faceted background to inspire others, and reach his highest potential.



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